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Maritime link of the "Petit Passeur"

Project management assistance mission
Construction and delivery of an electric passenger transport vessel and boarding pontoons to ensure the seasonal maritime link between the municipalities of Vannes and Séné

Supporting the community in the choice of the electric ship

  • Assistance in drafting the CCTP

  • Drafting of technical requirements and regulatory framework

  • Analysis of offers

  • Consultation follow-up

Definition of port facilities

  • Study for the location and definition of the necessary works

  • Support for regulatory procedures

  • Definition of the applicable regulatory framework

Supervise the construction and reception of the ship

  • Ship construction tracking 

  • Support in procedures with Maritime Affairs

  • Assistance at reception: launching and tests

Support in the choice of service providers

  • Drafting of the works CCTP for the supply of facilities

  • Analysis of offers

  • Consultation follow-up


Thanks to a crossing of a few minutes, the Petits Passeurs offer you the possibility of connecting the emblematic places of the coast more quickly:

  • Vannes, city of art and history

  • Ports and coasts of Séné

  • The heritage and beaches of the Rhuys peninsula

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