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Maison de la Mer


The operation is part of the repositioning of the Marine Environment Department of the City of Agde. This creation of a Maison de la Mer in the Old Port in Cap d'Agde, developed over approximately 250 m², will have the following functions:

  • To accommodate the premises of the Marine Environment Department (DMM) and the Marine Protected Area (AMP) of la Agde coast,

  • To have a public reception center dedicated to the marine environment and ecotourism,

  • To have a reception area for school and extracurricular activities.

VICASTEL, a member of the general business group, provided the design and construction of the floating platform, the anchoring solution and the electrical, plumbing and ventilation equipment.

Launching 2.jpg


Realization of the platform

The floating platform of the Maison de la Mer is an assembly of 3 heavy concrete pontoons and foamed to guarantee unsinkability, produced by the company Inland and Coastal Marina System. They were transported to site and launched with a 400 ton crane.


Timber frame and Aquapanel

A wooden frame made by BOISSIERE ET FILS made to measure in accordance with architectural expectations. The load descents of the superstructure make it possible to dimension the floating structure in order to establish a verification of the stability.

Construction 4.jpg
MDM 8.jpg


Anchoring system

The anchoring system consists of two braces fixed on piles to absorb variations in water on the site.

2 access gateways are set up to guarantee public PMR access and technical access.



The exterior and interior architecture of the Maison de la Mer is a realization of IMAGINE ARCHITECTES - Montpellier - France

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